Help - network issues post SBS2008 installation

Hi All,

I'm posting out as I've been having some issues with 3 nearly identical
clients ever since putting in SBS2008.  They have proven very difficult
to trace and resolve.

Client 1 - SBS2008 new install, new domain etc on HPML110, 5 users
Client 2 - SBS2008 migrated from SBS2003 via MS Migration on HPML150,
15 users with all new HP/WinXP workstations
Client 3 - SBS2008 migrated from SBS2003 via Swing It! migration, on HP
ML350G6, also about 15 users.

All 3 have Sonicwall TZ series firewalls, HP gigabit switches, and use
Windows XP and Office 2003.  All use Exchange (SMTP) and Outlook, and in
most cases Cached Exchange Mode is enabled.

The issue I'm having is, post implementation, all of the PCs are
exhibiting a periodic 'freezing' behaviour.  That is, the user is
working away and appears to sort of lose it's connection to the other
devices on the network, or at least the server.  The network connection
does not drop, but Outlook will complain it's lost it's connection to
Exchange.  Anything with files open on the server, like Word, Excel,
even Outlook or any network apps will hang (some will crash completely
if they aren't able to handle it).  This lasts for 5-10 seconds, and
then everything resumes normally.  It does not happen to all PCs
simultaneously, and occurs 2-4 times per day

Performance monitoring of the server turns up nothing - these are well
equipped machines with dual quad core processors and 8-16GB of RAM, SAS
drives etc.  I have looked at the switches and even replaced one of
them, and see no issues.  I've done some network sniffing and, while not
exactly my forte, I don't see any massive broadcasts or anything going
on.  DNS is configured and working fine, I've even set up WINS.  DHCP
runs on the server and lease time is 8 days right now.

Happy to provide any other information I can, but I've been
troubleshooting this for weeks now and nothing I've done seems to have
made any difference.  Has anyone seen anything similar, or have any

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You find anything with this.. I have smae issue, but my client loses connectivity at 5 - 5:30 everyday.. same symptoms, drops network drive, but is available right after disconnect.. 
2/18/2010 10:45:49 PM

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