device configuration via PowerShell

A while ago I asked about setting some pointer device related 
configuration via PowerShell (specifically the SnapToDefaultButton 

My effort to allow PowerShell to assist me in doing that stalled out
at the point where I can tweak the Registry setting associated with
SnapToDefaultButton using PowerShell, but that afterwards it requires a 
reboot of the workstation to get it be effective.

Setting that value via Control Panel does not require the reboot.

Now I'm wondering what Control Panel does that I'm not doing via 
PowerShell.   I think it must be interacting with a device driver at 
some level to get it to re-read configuration.

In theory, should a PowerShell script be able to automate everything 
that Control Panel does?

  - Larry
5/28/2010 4:41:50 PM
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> In theory, should a PowerShell script be able to automate everything that 
> Control Panel does?

Yes, I know I still haven't gotten around to trying to create a PowerShell 
script for this.

In theory, one would hope that PowerShell could do everything that every UI 
in Windows is capable of, but that's likely a few Windows versions away, and 
depends on whether that appears to be a good time investment by Microsoft.

PowerShell often uses .NET APIs, so it depends on what that API is capable 
of doing, and that won't always match up with what the similar Win32 API 
and/or P/invoke is able to do (admitting that I don't really understand how 
either fully works).


5/28/2010 11:59:55 PM

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