Detect 2.0 scripts when running on 1.0

I need to write up a C# console app that would take in a PowerShell script 
passed to it and execute it. I've got it mostly running by using the 
System.Management.Automation namespace and the corresponding 1.0 reference 
library. However, I'm running into an issue where the script can contain 
commands meant for PowerShell 2.0 (e.g. ThreadOptions). In this case, the 
script fails even if the script has a check in place for the powershell 
version. For example:

$ver = $host | select version
if ($ver.Version.Major -gt 1)  {$Host.Runspace.ThreadOptions = "ReuseThread"}

fails right away, when it sees the ThreadOptions property. I am using the 
"RunspaceInvoke" class to invoke the scripts.

I'm new to PowerShell in general. Any help with what is happening here and 
how I might fix it would be appreciated.

6/29/2010 6:53:58 AM
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> commands meant for PowerShell 2.0 (e.g. ThreadOptions). In this case, the
> script fails even if the script has a check in place for the powershell
> version. For example:
> $ver = $host | select version
> if ($ver.Version.Major -gt 1)  {$Host.Runspace.ThreadOptions = 
> "ReuseThread"}

Can you clarify this?  You have this check in your script, but it is not 
working when you call the script from C#?  Odd...

Try this maybe:
PS > get-content requires.ps1
#requires -version 3.0
PS > trap{"error";continue};./requires.ps1
PS >

No, I don't have PowerShell v3.  That's just to show you the header line you 
can use inside a script to make sure you're running the correct version of 
the engine.


6/30/2010 12:09:13 PM

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