recover account

I removed an account in WLM, and lost a lot of message.
So can I recorver them.

Please help me.

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If this was a pop3 account, then no. Removal of an account in WLM deletes the account and all stored messages from one's hard 

To remove an account, one has to answer yes to a prompt for deletion. WLM's prompt explaining the deletion could be improved upon 
making it much clearer on the impact.
Here's what the prompt stated
Are you sure you want to remove the <account name> account ?
If this account is set so that messages are deleted from the e-mail server as you read then in Mail, your messages will be 
permantely deleted when you remove this account. To save them, move them to a storage folder before you remove this account. If you 
don't see and storage folders, click the View menu, and then click Storage folders.

If you backed up the messages prior to account removal(File/Export/Messages/..), they can be imported(File/import/Messages/..)

Also is this was a pop3 account and that account in WLM was configured to Leave Messages on the server, then check the web 
interface for that account and forward or archive accordingly.

If the account was a Hotmail type account(,, then your mail should still exist on the web interface at 
http:/  Recreating the Hotmail type account in WLM will download the folders and the messages after a next 
send/receive for that account.

If this was an IMAP account, your messages may also be available on your account web server.
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"Edson" <> wrote in message
> I removed an account in WLM, and lost a lot of message.
> So can I recorver them.
> Please help me.
> Thanks
> Edson 

12/9/2009 8:28:30 PM

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