Lost Windows Live Mail Contacts

My  Windows Live Mail contacts have been replaced by the few contacts in 
Windows Messenger, both in launching a new email - and also clicking on the 
contacts icon. I have tried all sorts of actions, including reboot, but the 
problem remains.
8/28/2010 3:01:03 PM
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WLM reflects 2 different sets of contacts depending upon whether you have 
"signed in" with your live ID...

Depending on upon where you main contact list is stored.... you'll either 
want to sign-in or sign out...

Login to the Live website and check your contact list. If everything is 
there, you'll need to be signed-in when you bring up WLM. If you don't see 
you're full contact list on the web, try opening WLM without signing-in

To open WLM without signing in -> Tools/Options Connections tab, "Stop 
signing in" button. Close and reopen WLM. Check for your missing contacts.

To sign-in to WLM, there is a dropdown window at the upper right corner. 
Click and sign-in. Hopefully one of those will reveal your desired contact 

"William Mac" <William Mac@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> My  Windows Live Mail contacts have been replaced by the few contacts in
> Windows Messenger, both in launching a new email - and also clicking on 
> the
> contacts icon. I have tried all sorts of actions, including reboot, but 
> the
> problem remains. 

8/28/2010 3:22:11 PM
WLMsgr requires a Live ID signon to Windows Live, WLMail does not.
If signing on to Windows Live using the same Live ID in both..the contacts will be the same with one notable difference - WLMsgr shows contacts that can be IM'd.

The most likely cause of not seeing all contacts in WLMail... you created/imported/migrated your contacts in WLMail without signing on. To access the contacts in the no signon mode stop signing in WLMail.

WLM Version 2009
- Tools/Options/Connection/Stop Signing In

WLM Version 2011 beta
- Windows Live Mail button/Options/Mail/Connection/Stop Signing In

If you wish to operate both programs (WLMail, WLMsgr) with a Live ID signon and have the same contacts you'll have to export your 'no signon mode' contacts to a csv file then import into WLM after signon with the same Live Id. (Contacts can also be imported for a Live ID at contacts.live.com, click Manage/Import/etc)

ms-mvp mail

"William Mac"  wrote in message news:15CE904E-6793-4610-90C9-B58BCF96E398@microsoft.com... 

My  Windows Live Mail contacts have been replaced by the few contacts in 
Windows Messenger, both in launching a new email - and also clicking on the 
contacts icon. I have tried all sorts of actions, including reboot, but the 
problem remains.
8/28/2010 7:20:17 PM

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