DVD Copy Pro for Mac - Copy DVD9 to DVD5 on Mac , Copy DVD to ISO on Mac

[b]DVD Copy Pro for Mac[/b] is a DVD copy software that can support D9 to D5 compression. With simple operation, it can save DVD in four different ways including directly burning to DVD disc, saving as DVD folder, copying into DVD media format that can be played by DVD Player directly, and converting as ISO file for easy movie management. Now this cool Mac DVD Copy also supports the latest released Snow Leopard.

You can download [b][url=http://www.dvd-copy-mac.net/download/dvd-copy-pro-mac.zip]DVD Copy Pro for Mac[/url][/b] freely right now.

[b]More information:[/b][quote]http://www.dvd-copy-mac.net/dvd-copy-pro.html[/quote]

[b]Offer D9 and D5 Discs Copy Functions[/b]

Copy D5 to D5 or D9 to D9 with 100% original quality
D9 to D5 compression option can be chosen while inserting D9 disc
Offer the practical setting options, including name typing-in, DVD ROM chosen, copy speed and copy quantity
Support full copy option to save the whole contents of the movies such as main movie, production interview, deleted scenes, etc.

[b]Easy Operation Interface to Copy 100% Movie Quality[/b]

 Friendly-user operation interface can be shown after inserting DVD
 All the setting options would be shown on the same interface
 DVD titles are listed in the menu window and can be changed sequence by Duration on the top of the interface
 Click Start button to copy after simple settings without complicated steps

[b]Provide Various Output Options to Save DVD[/b]

 Directly copy DVD to DVD disc with twice burning speed as before
 Save DVD folder on your hard disc
 Burn DVD to DVD Media format to directly played in DVD Player
 Save as ISO file to get easy management of your movies

[b]Show More Information of Your DVD in the Program[/b]

 Show all the titles of your DVD in the program with time and size information
 Copy DVD with good speed, twice as fast as before
 Indicate process percentage bar in the icon to let you check the progress any time with any other work in hand

[b]DVD Copy Pro for Mac Product reference[/b]

 Copy Options: Main Movie Copy, Customized Copy, Full Copy
 Input Sources: DVD Disk
 Output Sources: DVD Disk, DVD Folder, ISO file, DVD Media

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