Trouble applying data set to other shapes #2


I posted this earlier, but it may not have been sent.  So I am sending 
it again.

I have put together a data set for one of the objects in my Visio 2007 
Professional drawing.  For simplicity, let's say that the shape is a circle.

I then want to apply the same data fields to another shape that's 
already on my drawing.  Let's say that this other shape, that does not 
yet have a data set attached to it, is a square.

So here is what I am doing, but apparently I am making a mistake somewhere:

I click on the circle and look in the Shape Data Sets window, and I see 
the name of my shape data set.  (Let's pretend that I named this data 
set 'xyz'.)  I click on 'xyz'; I click on the radio button that says 
'Apply checked shape data sets to: "Shapes selected in drawing"'; I 
uncheck 'Remove existing data sets'.

Then I go to the square, to which I want to apply data set 'xyz', and I 
click on 'Apply'.

So I go to the Shape Data window, expecting to see 'xyz' and all of its 
data fields.  Instead, however, the window is empty.  Data set 'xyz' has 
not been applied.  I have the opportunity to establish a new data set, 
but I don't want to do that.  I already have a data set called 'xyz', 
but I can't seem to get 'xyz' attached to additional shapes.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

smax (7)
4/20/2010 1:21:34 AM
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