SVG problems in Visio 2003 SP 2


I tried to create a new document (metrics format) and added a few
different shapes (also metric). I saved the document in SVG format and
closed the document.

I then tried to open the document again, but got a lot of errors, and
some of my shapes could be located at the lower left corner, but a bit
misshaped. Also when opening the document i IE it is incorrect. (I
detected this behavior with a mush more complex drawing, and that was
totally messed up after saved as SVG.)

Is this a known error, or is there something wrong with my local setup?

Best Regards,
Andreas Lundgren

Log file:
Open SVG 1.0 Processing Log
Source: C:\Documents and Settings\qluandr\My Documents\Drawing13.svg
Wed Jul 12 11:49:46 2006 Begin Session
[Warning] DataType: Property transform
Context: Line 42 ID shape1-1
Description: Invalid property specification
[Warning] DataType: Property transform
Context: Line 45 ID shape2-4
Description: Invalid property specification
transform='translate(32.233,1144.07) rotate(8.11266) scale(1,-1)'
[Warning] DataType: Property transform
Context: Line 52 ID shape3-6
Description: Invalid property specification
[Warning] DataType: Property transform
Context: Line 55 ID shape4-7
Description: Invalid property specification
[Warning] DataType: Property stroke-width
Context: Line 13
Description: Invalid property specification stroke-width='0.75'

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7/12/2006 9:57:44 AM
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