Need "Database" .vss template files for Visio 5.0c

Hi, everyone:

I need to find some .vss template files for Visio 5.0c.   Specifically, the
Database drawing templates.   (and no, I
cannot upgrade!  It's technically not my computer, I'm borrowing someone
else's while I'm housesitting)

For some weird reason, there are no Database templates in the C:\Program
Files\Visio\Solutions\Database folder.
There are plenty of .vss templates in the other folders: Block Diagram,
Electrical and Electronic, Facilities  Management (etc) but none in

I have tried just copying several in from a friend's Visio, but he has a
later version, probably 6.0, and the program cannot read them.  These have
to be copied from Visio 5.0.

Can anyone help me out here?



PS > I'll say it again, I cannot upgrade the software, even if it's a free
upgrade.  The few files I need to solve this problem are all very small, and
will take only a few seconds to drop in.  They could be sent as email
attachments, no FTP or other bigger fix needed.  Also, to everyone who
responded earlier and suggested that I send in my original Visio 5.0 install
CD for Microsoft's free Visio 2000 install disk, that's not possible as this
isn't my computer, I wouldn't know where to find the install  CD, etc.  (I
reached the owner of the PC by email and he confirmed that this computer
came with Visio pre-installed by the local shop, which is now unfortunately
out of business).

It's kind of depressing - from the types of responses I greceived, I get the
feeling that people would actually rather suggest that a guy with a flat
tire go buy a new car, rather than simply help him replace the tire.  Isn't
anyone a real hacker anymore?



"I woke up in between
A memory and a dream..."
-Thomas Petty

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8/23/2003 1:51:45 AM
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