how do I resize a drawing and all shapes in it?

I'm working with Visio for the first time.  Now that I've finished my first 
drawing, I need to add another drawing of equal size to the same page.  
However, I made the first drawing so big that there is not enough room on the 
page to add another drawing of equal size.  I would like to reduce the size 
of the drawing (and all shapes within it, of course) by about one-third.  I 
have searched through all the menu options and there seems to be no way to do 
this.  I tried copying the drawing and pasting it onto another page, hoping 
that the paste operation would allow a resize, but this did not work either. 
I tried to resize by dragging a corner, but many of the shapes within the 
drawing did not resize, and I got the message "shape protection and/or layer 
properties prevent complete execution of this command", even though the layer 
is not locked and nothing is selected under Format/Protection. 

The only other thing I know of to try, is to make the page size larger in 
hopes that the size of the drawing would remain the same, and then hope that 
the "fit to page" option in the print dialog can be permanently set (so that, 
for example, a page of size 17 X 22, when printed, will always fit on an 8.5 
X 11 page).  However, it doesn't make sense that this kind of "trick" would 
be the only way to do this.  Any help is very much appreciated!!
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11/18/2004 3:40:02 PM
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After some googling I've concluded that this is a shapesheet issue.  The 
issue now is this:  I want to create drawings that can be easily resized.  I 
do not want any default settings to prevent resizing.  Do I have to modify 
the shapesheet for each new shape I put into my drawing, or can I somehow set 
the default for each new shape so that resize functions are never disallowed?
Newbie (61)
11/18/2004 5:15:04 PM

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