why GetFieldValue() is so slow

I get connected a vfp6 dbf file, and the total record number is about
50000, I want to export specified field value ( most of their type are
string), and the result is correct, but it works toooooo slow, and I
find the function GetFieldValue takes most time.
my code is:

		for(index=0; index < m_ListDest.GetCount(); index++)
			m_Rs.GetFieldValue(m_pSortList[index], strVal);
			strVal.TrimRight(_T(' '));

			if(strVal == "" && m_isFilter)

			strLine.Insert(0, _T('['));
			strLine.Insert(strLine.GetLength(), _T("]:"));
			strLine.Insert(strLine.GetLength(), strVal);
			strLine.Insert(strLine.GetLength(), C_Enter);
			strLine.TrimRight(_T(' '));
			fwrite(strLine.GetBuffer(2), sizeof(TCHAR), strLine.GetLength(),
		fwrite(&C_Enter, sizeof(TCHAR), 1, pOutput_file);

	if(RecordCount == 100)
			Time = GetTickCount() - Time;



the Time shows how long will it take, and because it is very slow, I
break it when 100 records have processed.

with the profile mode, it is obvious:

Profile: Function timing, sorted by time
Date:    Wed May 17 22:45:38 2006

Program Statistics
    Command line at 2006 May 17 22:45:
    Total time: 23453.762 millisecond
    Time outside of functions: 87.659 millisecond
    Call depth: 22
    Total functions: 227
    Total hits: 21321
    Function coverage: 61.2%
    Overhead Calculated 5
    Overhead Average 5

Module Statistics for databasetool.exe
    Time in module: 23366.103 millisecond
    Percent of time in module: 100.0%
    Functions in module: 227
    Hits in module: 21321
    Module function coverage: 61.2%

        Func          Func+Child           Hit
        Time   %         Time      %      Count  Function
   12373.771  53.0    12373.981  53.0      500
CRecordset::GetFieldValue(short,class CString &) (mfcd42d.dll)
    7784.674  33.3    23198.355  99.3      260
CWinThread::PumpMessage(void) (mfc42d.dll)
    2663.737  11.4     2668.303  11.4        1
CFileDialog::DoModal(void) (mfc42d.dll)
     156.984   0.7      158.311   0.7      102
CRecordset::Move(long,unsigned short) (mfcd42d.dll)
     114.126   0.5      114.354   0.5      807
CWnd::DefWindowProcA(unsigned int,unsigned int,long) (mfc42d.dll)
      86.992   0.4    23315.177  99.8        1 CDialog::DoModal(void)
      47.422   0.2    15134.158  64.8        1
CDatabasetoolDlg::Export2File(void) (databasetooldlg.obj)
      37.226   0.2       37.226   0.2        1
CDatabase::~CDatabase(void) (mfcd42d.dll)
      21.104   0.1    15328.205  65.6      927 CWnd::OnWndMsg(unsigned
int,unsigned int,long,long *) (mfc42d.dll)
      19.589   0.1       19.589   0.1     1000 CString::TrimRight(char)
      13.165   0.1       13.165   0.1        1
CRecordset::~CRecordset(void) (mfcd42d.dll)
       8.671   0.0        8.671   0.0      616 CListBox::GetCount(void)
       8.478   0.0      161.017   0.7        1
CDatabasetoolDlg::LoadDatabase(void) (databasetooldlg.obj)
       7.640   0.0    15308.511  65.5      260
CDialog::PreTranslateMessage(struct tagMSG *) (mfc42d.dll)
       3.455   0.0        3.455   0.0     1000
CString::Insert(int,char) (mfc42d.dll)
       3.217   0.0      152.538   0.7        1
CRecordset::Open(unsigned int,char const *,unsigned long) (mfcd42d.dll)
       1.890   0.0        2.012   0.0       21 CWnd::EnableWindow(int)

I want to know how can I make it faster, any advice is helpful, and
thank you!

5/17/2006 2:48:09 PM
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I get connected a vfp6 dbf file, and the total record number is about 50000, I want to export specified field value ( most of their type are string), and the result is correct, but it works toooooo slow, and I find the function GetFieldValue takes most time. my code is: while(!m_Rs.IsEOF()) { for(index=0; index < m_ListDest.GetCount(); index++) { strLine=m_pSortItem[m_pSortList[index]]; m_Rs.GetFieldValue(m_pSortList[index], strVal); strVal.TrimRight(_T(' ')); if(strVal == "" && m_isFilter) continue; strLine.Insert(0, _T('[')); ...

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