Why Failed?????

I got the Address of ExtTextOutW of GDI32.dll,the Address is lower then
0x80000000. Then Change the memory protection property to
PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE. Copy some word into the beginning that Address.
But It's failed.The System break down. WHy?
The corresponding code is here:

 FARPROC pTxtCode;

 HMODULE hMGDI=GetModuleHandle("GDI32.Dll");

 BOOL bR=VirtualProtect(pTxtCode,32,PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE,&SourceOld);
 BYTE HookCode[8];
//the content of HookCode is a jump asm code:
// HookCode[0]=FFh
// HookCode[1]=78h
// HookCode[2]=10h
// HookCode[3]=0h
// HookCode[4]=10h
//I want to jump in 10001078H.then from 10001078H jump into another
//erery time, this caused System break down


Why? Thank you.


3/23/2006 1:28:07 AM
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I don't know why break down.
Thank you .


3/23/2006 1:31:40 AM

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