Version change for an Active Document server


I have an application which can act as an Active Document Server - i.e. you
can copy an object from the application and paste it into PowerPoint.  The
object apperas as a rectangle with some text - and if you double click on it
in the PowerPoint slide, (and if you have my application installed), a form
opens up that provides more information about the object & even edit it.
This is a SDI application where the document is derived from COleDocument &
I have a ServerItem derived object as well.  I override the Serialize
method, which allows the PowerPoint document to store all the information
about my object, even though very little of that is displayed in the slide.
I don't do any registering of this object explicity in the registry - MFC
does that for me.  (I don't support any sort of in-place activation, only

Now, I need to release a newer version where this embedded object will have
additional information.  What changes do I need to make in the application
so that MFC will make registry entries for a newer version of the embedded
object.   The idea is if someone has a PowerPoint document that has the
newver version of the object embedded, then the registry should check for
the newer version & not pass the object to the older version  (the serialize
code crashes with the new data). However, if the ebedded object is the older
version, and the computer has the newer version then the newer version of my
software can & should open it.

Can someone point me in the right direction - examples etc..  The only
resultsI have found from my searches have been examples where there have
been ODL file etc.., but my application has none of it. My WinApp derived
class includes a COleTeplateServer object & I use ConnectTemplate &
AfxOleRegisterServerClass to create the registry entries.

I have also posted this in the mfcole group.

8/19/2005 9:45:50 PM
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I have already posted a new response in the vc.mfcole group, if you have 
any more concerns on it, please feel free to follow there.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards,

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