Tooltip in CListCtrl

Hi all

I have been trying now for a couple of days to figure out a way to display a
tooltip over individual items in a CListCtrl. My control is in Report style,
and has two columns where the first contains keys, and the second values.
Problem is the keys do not have a lot of room, and I would like a tooltip to
give a better description of what the key actually refers to.

I found an article on Codeguru describing how this could be done, but I did
not work for me - my override of CWnd::OnToolHitTest was never called by the
framework as the article stated it would... For all I know this article is
outdated - published in 1998 - now I run Win XP which might be a different

Anyway: On the surface CListCtrl seems to have a good built in support for
tooltips. Functions like SetInfoTip, and SetToolTips seem to have a lot of
promise. But after studying the documentation I still could not figure out
how to make them work. I tried using SetInfoTip by sending it a
LVFSETINFOTIP structure. MSDN Library states that this structure should be
available when including commctrl.h and running Windows XP. I run XP and
included commctrl.h, but still the VC7.1 compiler complained that
LVFSETINFOTIP was an undeclared identifier, even though it apparently found
and read commctrl.h.

Now I am at a loss for what to do...
Does anyone have a tip to give my keys a tip? Preferably I would like to
find a way to use the built in support, but if this is unusable (which is
hard to believe?) then any other solutions are quite welcome too.

Thanks for any assistance!


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5/9/2004 9:24:45 PM
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