Subclassing CTreeCtrl in CTreeView

I want to use a derived CTreeCtrl in a CTreeView and suppose I must subclass
the usual CTreeCtrl to achieve that.
How can I subclass the CTreeCtrl (and where should I put the subclassing
An example would help much of course

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"JackRnl" <> wrote in message
> I want to use a derived CTreeCtrl in a CTreeView and suppose I must
> the usual CTreeCtrl to achieve that.
> How can I subclass the CTreeCtrl (and where should I put the subclassing
> code)?
> An example would help much of course


The bad news is that there is no CTreeCtrl to subclass, or rather the
CTreeView is the subclass of the WC_TREEVIEW common control. Now if you're
willing to be a guinea pig, I've spent the last week working on a template
class implementation that may serve to combine the implementation (assuming
it's message based) of your CTreeCtrl derived class with your CTreeView
derived class. Basically, it works something like...

    #include "MyTreeCtrl.h"
    #include "TCtrlView.h"
    DECLARE_CTRLVIEW(CTreeView, CMyTreeCtrl);
    class CMyTreeView : public CTRLVIEW::CTreeView

....Just keep in mind that its a beta. Fellow MVP, Doug Harrison has hinted
at another method he uses -- I think it was adding the derived CTreeCtrl to
a CView, and handling a few messages to wire it up. Frankly, his method
sounds a better way to go, and no doubt he can fill in the details. The
other way is to implement a custom WNDCLASS based on WC_TREEVIEW, and use
that to implement your own custom CWnd and CCtrlView wrappers.

Jeff Partch [VC++ MVP]

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On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 20:13:22 +0200, "JackRnl"
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>I want to use a derived CTreeCtrl in a CTreeView and suppose I must subclass
>the usual CTreeCtrl to achieve that.
>How can I subclass the CTreeCtrl (and where should I put the subclassing

You don't.  See these two articles instead:


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