Sending XML data to asp server... Is there any problem?

Hi, I transform client XML data to IIS server by WinInet API.
In IIS server, asp parse request XML data and result save in MS-SQL.

I can read XML data by this function,
but I can send XML data...
The function that I use is that...

BOOL CXMLUtil::RequestHttpServer(LPCTSTR lpszMethod, LPCTSTR lpszURL,
  LPCTSTR lpszRequest, LPCTSTR lpszHeader,
  CString &strResponse, CString &strStatus)
 BOOL fResult = TRUE;

 CInternetSession iSession;
 CHttpConnection *pHttpConnection = NULL;
 CHttpFile *pHttpFile = NULL;
 CString str_ErrorText;
 DWORD dwErrorCode = 0;

 CString strUrl = lpszURL;
 CString strMethod = lpszMethod;
  strMethod = "GET";

 // Send Request
 DWORD dwServiceType;
 CString strServerName;
 CString strObject;
 CString str_Head;

 BOOL fParsed = AfxParseURL(strUrl, dwServiceType, strServerName,
strObject, nPort);
  pHttpConnection = iSession.GetHttpConnection( 

  pHttpFile = pHttpConnection->OpenRequest( 
   (LPCTSTR)strMethod, strObject, NULL, 1, NULL, 

   pHttpFile->AddRequestHeaders(lpszHeader, HTTP_ADDREQ_FLAG_REPLACE |

  if(lpszRequest == NULL || _tcslen(lpszRequest) == 0){
  } else {
   pHttpFile->SendRequest(NULL, 0, (void*)lpszRequest,

  //Receive Response
  pHttpFile->QueryInfo(HTTP_QUERY_STATUS_TEXT, str_ErrorText);

  strStatus.Format("%d %s", dwErrorCode, (LPCTSTR)str_ErrorText);
  if(dwErrorCode / 100 == 2) {
   char buf[8193];
   DWORD dwLength;

   strResponse = "";

    dwLength = pHttpFile->GetLength();
    if(dwLength == 0)

    dwLength = pHttpFile->Read(buf, min(sizeof(buf)-1, dwLength));
    buf[dwLength] = 0;
    strResponse += buf;
   } fResult = TRUE;
   fResult = FALSE;
  fResult = FALSE;

  delete pHttpFile;

  delete pHttpConnection;


 return fResult;

and I use this function like this...

void Test()
 CString xmlCustomers;
 xmlCustomsers = "<?xml .....?><test></test>";  // not completed
 CString strResponse;
 CString strStatus;
 RequestHttpServer("POST", strUrl, xmlCustomers,
              "COntent-Type: text/xml\r\n", strResponse, strStatus);

Is it any problem?
Could you have any clue. help me...

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7/15/2003 12:26:19 AM
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