SDK integration in VS2005 #2

In my MFC application I have resources in german as default and in english,
all included in the .exe. Whenever the program runs under a german version
of the OS it appears in german if it runs on any other language it should
come up in english. I'm using this code:

 lcidUser =
 lcidUser = GetUserDefaultLCID();
 LANGID langid = LANGIDFROMLCID(lcidUser);
  LCID lcidUsEnglish =
  SetThreadLocale (lcidUsEnglish);
//  SetThreadUILanguage(lcidUsEnglish);

That worked with XP but in Vista they seem to have changed the
implementation of SetThreadLocale() because it doesn't work any more. So I
tried to use SetThreadUILanguage() instead. Now comes the problem. That
function is undefined. I've read somewhere that it requires an appropriate
SDK to be installed and I downloaded and installed the Vista SDK. There is a
tool called "Visual Studio 2005 integration tool". When I run it, I get the
message "Unable to access the required files. Login as administrator and try
rerunning the tool". I am an administrator so I'm wondering what's going
wrong here.


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