Regarding Update Resource Problem

Hi All,

            Actually i have some problems in putting back the extracted
resources form an exe using the UpdateResource function.

I could extract all the contents of the dialog resource from the exe.I was
just trying to update them back to the exe facing some problems in it.Here
is the list of steps we have followed .

1.LoadLibrary -> Map the specified executable module into the address
space of the calling process.
2.EnumResource -> Check for the list of available resource
3.FindResource -> Find the specified resource.
4.LoadResource -> Load specified resource into global memory
5.LockResource -> Locks the specified resource in memory.

For Dialogs ->
6.CreateDialogIndirect ->Creates a modeless dialog box from a dialog box
template in memory and returns a window handle to the Dialog Box.

Data is extracted and edited from the window handle which is returned in
step 6.

We are facing problem in the UpdateResource :
7.BeginUpdateResource -> Returns a handle that can be used by the

8.UpdateResource -> UpdateResource function replaces a resource in an
executable file.

For step 8 we need to pass the raw binary data(i.e Convert the handle
received in step 6 back to the buffer received in step 5).

We are facing problem in step 8 converting the handle back to the buffer.

Pls help me if any one can solve out this problem.



amit.k (1)
5/28/2004 10:47:25 AM
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I have not done that. But I would say step 6 is not needed.

Step 5 should return a read-only pointer. You need to copy it into another
memory for modification, after modification, pass to UpdateResource. Try to
do it in baby step. Copy the data, find a string, modify a single character,
UpdateResource, close up and see whether the resource is updated.

Feng Yuan (

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

> 5.LockResource -> Locks the specified resource in memory.
> 6.CreateDialogIndirect ->Creates a modeless dialog box from a dialog box
> 8.UpdateResource -> UpdateResource function replaces a resource in an
> executable file.

fyuan (9)
5/28/2004 6:45:42 PM

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