Re: how to make a stealth application

 "Joseph M. Newcomer"
 wrote in message
 " Note that I cannot install software on my email machine when logged in as
 'email'. I have to log off, log in as admin, install the software, and then
 log back in as 'email'. Worth pointing out that some children who build
 antispam software only allow the software to run for the installing userid,
 not have it installed system-wide by a sysadmin. A waste of money."

 Sir, I am 100% agree with you in above case, but i am just puting my point
 here, Please i am very-2 grateful if you point out anything that i have
 quoted wrong below.

          I am Sure that  there only very few  very Genius Computer Mind
like  you in world, that knows each and every aspect about computing, so
targeting  you by using Keylogger like product is atmost IMPOSSIBLE.

         But there still millions of people don't know Fundas of the
Sysadmin  or Virus Scanner etc etc, they just simple click the attachment
they got  from email or run there pc in Admin mode and easily fail victim of
viruses and  if there in no viruses how will Anti VIRUS COMPANY make money
:) (just kidding)

      I am not here to advertise s/w created by me,but some time, thing like
KEYLOGGER are useful for security,
  consider the case:
         Some enemy Spi is just hack into our computer and start corrupting
the your important data or send some  file outside the comp so without using
s/w like above, you will never-2 come to know somebody has hacked into your
computer and corrupted the data. there can more case dealing with it and
vice versa is also possible when Enemy Spi plant this s/w into your computer
to get important information.

   As i always said there are many cases these spi S/w can Helpful, but
there is always bad face of good face as  I know Destructive Mind use this
S/W  more than the Constructive Mind.


 With Regards
 Alok Gupta
 Visit me at

                            "I Believe this will Help"


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3/11/2005 6:30:48 AM
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