Question about SetCurSel()


I have a combo box control specified with the drop down (not drop list) 
style.  The list box portion of the control is populated with data from a 
recordset to allow the user to select from a list of pre-loaded items.  Or 
they may choose to type in a new entry.  

As the user enters data into the edit box portion of the control, the 
program checks after each keystroke to see if the entry data matches anything 
currently in the list.  If it does, the drop down list appears and the list 
item closely or exactly matching the data that has been entered is selected 
and appears in the edit box portion of the control.   This functionality is 
performed in the handler for the CBN_EDITCHANGE message.

The problem I'm having is that the list item selected does not appear 
highlighted (i.e., selected) in the list box portion, but only in the edit 
box portion even after calling SetCurSel().  Is there a way to have the 
matching list box item highlighted as well?

Here's the code segment in question:

void CTCodeView::OnEditchangeTCode() 
//CBN_EDITCHANGE is sent after windows updates the disply in the edit box 
//of the CComboBox object, so we can get the keyboard input
//from the box right away; the TCode control has the focus
// The progression for comparing the entry with the list is sequential 
//and cummulative - meaning first we compare the character 1, then 1 and 2, 
//then 1, 2, and 3, etc.
 	//initialize the temporary int index
 	m_nIndex = 0;
 	//read the TCode

	//accumulate the keystrokes
	m_myTempString += m_pSet->m_TCode;

	//now we need to see if there are any items in 
 	//our TCode list that match this designation
 	//if so, we will open the drop list and highlight
 	//the corresponding item for the user
 	if ( ((m_nIndex = m_TCodeComboControl.SelectString(m_nIndex,          
myTempString)) != CB_ERR))
 	//we have a match, so open the drop list and select the item


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