Query about runtime error


i am working on IVR system, using TAPI 3 and VC++. This involves
hardware modem.
Operation system is XP.

i am facing strange problem while i run my program sometimes(not

My Program name is "Tapi Test"

Error statement is ...

"Tapi Test MFC application has encountered a problem and needs to
close. We are sorry for inconvenious."

With error there are three buttons with caption "Debug", "Send error
report", "Don't Send"

Could anybody please help me out.

Tnaks in advance...

tomujtaba (49)
8/27/2004 8:09:54 AM
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Well, it means your program crashed in some unpleasant fashion. Most likely with an access

Hitting the "debug" button would be a good start.

On 27 Aug 2004 01:09:54 -0700, tomujtaba@hotmail.com (Mujtaba) wrote:

>i am working on IVR system, using TAPI 3 and VC++. This involves
>hardware modem.
>Operation system is XP.
>i am facing strange problem while i run my program sometimes(not
>My Program name is "Tapi Test"
>Error statement is ...
>"Tapi Test MFC application has encountered a problem and needs to
>close. We are sorry for inconvenious."
>With error there are three buttons with caption "Debug", "Send error
>report", "Don't Send"
>Could anybody please help me out.
>Tnaks in advance...

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