Populate MFC Datagrid control from SQL Server


I am using the following code to transfer data from a SQL database to a MFC 
Datagrid control

CCommand<CDynamicAccessor, CRowset> dbCommand;

	        Recordset20Ptr spRs;
	        ADORecordsetConstructionPtr spADOsCt;

            CDBPropSet propset(DBPROPSET_ROWSET);            
            propset.AddProperty(DBPROP_CLIENTCURSOR, true);
            propset.AddProperty(DBPROP_IRowsetChange, true);
            propset.AddProperty(DBPROP_UPDATABILITY, DBPROPVAL_UP_CHANGE | 

            CString sCommand;
            sCommand.Format("SELECT * FROM NewEvents");
	   HRESULT hr = 

         hr = dbCommand.Open(&propset, NULL, true);

	 hr = spRs.CreateInstance(__uuidof(Recordset));

         hr = spRs->QueryInterface(__uuidof(ADORecordsetConstruction), (void 


	 hr = spADOsCt->put_Rowset(dbCommand.m_spRowset);

            // populate DataGrid by assigning it a Recordset object.
	        m_ctlDataGrid.SetRefDataSource( (LPUNKNOWN) spRs );
	 catch (_com_error &e)

This code works fine. What i would like to do is to be able to populate the 
Datagrid with another recordeset that i have built myself.  

i.e i want datagrid to be able to show data based on the previous query, 
such as the number of records returned and various other data.

When the user selects a summary button on the dialog the datagrid will be 
cleared of the initial data and replaced with this summary data. This summary 
data will be built up by traversing the recordset above,spRS, then building 
another recordset with the summary results before putting this new summary 
recordset into the datagrid.

Can anyone tell me how i could traverse the above recordset and create a new 
recordset,not from database but by doing some operations on the original 
recordset e.g perhaps doing a sum of one column. I will then populate the 
datagrid from this new, user defined recordset.

Thnaks In Advance
macca (52)
5/24/2005 2:26:14 PM
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