Pls help with embedding wmp in a non-dialog mfc view


I'd like to add mpeg, avi, and wmv playback capability to my mfc app.  I
thought that this would be quite simple if I decide to use Windows Media
Player ActiveX instead of DirectShow filtergraph.  Unfortunately that did
not happen (i.e. the 'simple' part).  First I struggled with Visual Studio
..NET - inserting wmp into the project did not generate CWnd derived wrapper
class (as stated in sdk docs).  Instead it generated COleDispatchDriver
derived class.  I did not want to waste any time on typing (clsid, create,
etc.) so I decided to use VC6 and generated CWnd derived wrapper classes.
Does anyone know why VS .NET does not generate CWnd derived class for wmp?

But my biggest problem is that the player control occasionally hangs the
application.  When this happens the CPU usage stays at 100%.  I think that
the problem occurs mostly at the time when the player switches between
different file types (e.g. from mpg to wmv).

My application does not play media files continuously.  It is event driven
and might play few clips in a row and then no clips for few minutes.  When a
given clip is being played the app does not 'know' if another clip will
follow immediately or not.

All examples that I've seen so far for WMP and mfc were based on the player
control embedded in a dialog box.

Could anyone please give me an example of a working code or point me to a
proper documentation?

The code I use to control the player looks something like this:

// Setup/creation
m_wmpPlayer.Create(NULL, WS_VISIBLE, CRect(0, 0, 0, 0), m_pParentWnd,
CWMPSettings wmpSettings = m_wmpPlayer.GetSettings();
wmpSettings.setMode(L"showFrame", TRUE);


// Playback start
m_wmpPlayer.MoveWindow(rRect, FALSE);


// Playback stop
m_wmpPlayer.DestroyWindow(); // will call site's DestroyControl()


1/30/2006 1:07:24 AM
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