Please help me .... (CListCtrl multi-line column)

Dear all,

I use VC++ 6.0 MFC CListCtrl. And, some data displayed in the control
contains multiple lines. By default, the control displays the multiple-line
text in a single line. In the multiple-line text, it uses "\r\n" (CR-LF).

How can I set the column of CListCtrl to display the column text in multiple
line like the data cell in Excel?

Kathy1 (132)
10/19/2005 12:27:02 PM
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This is the nearest i can find. Hope it helps,treesandcombos/article.php/c2291/

"Kathy" wrote:

> Dear all,
> I use VC++ 6.0 MFC CListCtrl. And, some data displayed in the control
> contains multiple lines. By default, the control displays the multiple-line
> text in a single line. In the multiple-line text, it uses "\r\n" (CR-LF).
> How can I set the column of CListCtrl to display the column text in multiple
> line like the data cell in Excel?
> -- 
> Kathy
ChrisBaker (163)
10/19/2005 1:58:09 PM
Take a look at this article... assuming you are talking about the header 
(you said column text)...



"Kathy" <> wrote in message
> Dear all,
> I use VC++ 6.0 MFC CListCtrl. And, some data displayed in the control
> contains multiple lines. By default, the control displays the 
> multiple-line
> text in a single line. In the multiple-line text, it uses "\r\n" (CR-LF).
> How can I set the column of CListCtrl to display the column text in 
> multiple
> line like the data cell in Excel?
> -- 
> Kathy 

tserface (3860)
10/19/2005 8:33:32 PM
You're probably going to have to use owner-draw and put the text out yourself, probably
using DrawText, or a loop that does TextOut for each line.  I'd go see if or have any examples.  I've done owner-draw
listboxes, and they aren't all that hard (send me private email and I'll send you the
source for a working example, although it comes inside a much larger app which I'm only
distributing in binary this week, but at least you will be able to see what it puts out).
So all you have to do is set the height and do the owner draw stuff, and once you've done
it you "own" the knowledge of how to do it again.
On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 05:27:02 -0700, "Kathy" <> wrote:

>Dear all,
>I use VC++ 6.0 MFC CListCtrl. And, some data displayed in the control
>contains multiple lines. By default, the control displays the multiple-line
>text in a single line. In the multiple-line text, it uses "\r\n" (CR-LF).
>How can I set the column of CListCtrl to display the column text in multiple
>line like the data cell in Excel?
Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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newcomer (15972)
10/19/2005 9:44:49 PM

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