Plain text warning/ VS2005

Whenever I add a CRecordset derived class, I get an error telling me the 
password for the DB is sent in "plain text" and is not secure etc.  I 
comment that line out, but how much of a security risk is this?  What can I 
do with my Access database to avoid this?  VC 6.0 never gave this error...



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7/26/2006 12:31:17 PM
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If you are on any kind of network that anyone can look at, you are wide open for attack.
Example, a University network; potentially, ever student can be running a packet sniffer
and see your password.  Anything that passes acros the Internet outside your local
intranet is also vulnerable.

What amazes me is that any component would ever send a password in plaintext rather than
encrypted.  Makes me wonder about Microsoft's claims about caring about security.

Note that later versions of VS beyond 6 issue warnings for issues that VS6 did not, or in
some cases could not.  These are all genuine issues to be concerned with.  

Unless you are working on a physically secured network in which every machine can be
trusted (including trusted against being corrupted by trojans, worms, viruses, etc.) or
using encrypted wireless, to a physically secured trusted network, you are inviting anyone
who can access your network to attack your database.

Or, as I sometimes like to say, "This is a security hole big enough to drive a freight
train through.  Sideways."

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:31:17 -0400, "saywhat" <> wrote:

>Whenever I add a CRecordset derived class, I get an error telling me the 
>password for the DB is sent in "plain text" and is not secure etc.  I 
>comment that line out, but how much of a security risk is this?  What can I 
>do with my Access database to avoid this?  VC 6.0 never gave this error...
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7/27/2006 3:42:03 AM

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