Owner-draw checkbox and Double-click


I have an owner drawn checkbox (see my post "Checkboxes: SetCheck() and
BS_OWNERDRAW", 8/18/2003). It works great whether the user clicks on it or
hits the space bar when it has the focus. However, when the user
double-clicks the checkbox and tabs to another control, a heavy black
rectangle is left behind. I noticed that this related to my usage of
DrawFocusRect() in my DrawItem() function, but I cannot figure out how to
properly address the problem.

DrawFocusRect is called in two different places in DrawItem():

 if( lpDrawItemStruct->itemAction == ODA_DRAWENTIRE )

    // Draw the checkbox
    ( ... )

     // Check whether we need to draw the focus rectangle
     if (lpDrawItemStruct->itemState & ODS_FOCUS)
       TRACE("*** Calling DrawFocusRect()   (drawing entire control)
        dc.DrawFocusRect( &rcClientRect );
 else if( lpDrawItemStruct->itemAction == ODA_FOCUS )
    TRACE("*** Calling DrawFocusRect()   (drawing focus rect only) ***\n");
    dc.DrawFocusRect( &rcClientRect );

- When I double-click the checkbox (after I have focused on it by tabbing),
the first call to DrawFocusRect() gets executed twice (i.e. DrawItem() is
called twice with ODA_DRAWENTIRE and ODS_FOCUS).
- When I tab afterwards to change the focus, the second call to
DrawFocusRect executes once (i.e. DrawItem() is called once with ODA_FOCUS).

However, instead of erasing the focus rect; it makes it a deep, solid black
instead of erasing the existing rectangle--almost as if it was adding
another dithered rectangle to the existing focus rect, except offset just
enough to make it add to the existing rect instead of deleting it).

I have calls to SetCheck() both in OnKeyUp() (checking for space bar) and
OnLButtonUp(). Should I have some sort of overriden OnDoubleclicked() with
some workaround for my problem?


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8/19/2003 3:18:27 PM
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