One question about IXMLDOMDocument's method loadXML

Followed is my code:

void CGOPolyline::SetSpecificInfo(LPCTSTR strXMLInfo)
 IXMLDOMDocument2 *pDOMDoc;

  IID_IXMLDOMDocument2,reinterpret_cast<void **> (&pDOMDoc))))


 _bstr_t bstrXML(strXMLInfo);
 VARIANT_BOOL varSuccess;


 // start analyzing XML document
 // end of analyzing



the content of strXMLInfo is as followed

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF_16"?>
            <X> 121412.322 </X>
            <Y> 232422.987 </Y>
            <Z> 987.786 </Z>

The question is why loadXML always return
VARIANT_FALSE(i.e. varSuccess is always set to be VARIANT_FALSE). Any option
is appreciated.

tony21st (7)
8/29/2003 3:27:50 AM
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