Nested class using MFC


I'm using a COM Dll  and a COM client that I have copied from a book.
This COM dll is using MFC and the COM client exe file is also using MFC.
I have removed some code just to make it easier to figure out my problem.
The code that I have removed does't affect the question in any way.

In the code you have one interface called IVisual you have it below.
struct IVisual : public IUnknown
    STDMETHOD_(void, Display) () = 0;

As you know in Interface IUnknown are there three pure virtual functiones
QueryInterface, AddRef and Release.
The functions QueryInterface, AddRef, Release and Display must be
implemented by the class that is derived from IVisual.

I do understand that function Display must be manually implemented.
Now to my question: One thing that I'm unsure about is the other three
functions QueryInterface, AddRef and Release.
Will anything of these three functions be created as a stub by the visual
studio tool(MFC) or nothing at all.
I mean will anycode at all be created for these three functions that must be

Below are these 4 functions  implemented.
STDMETHODIMP CSpaceship::XVisual::QueryInterface(REFIID iid, LPVOID* ppvObj)
    ITrace(iid, "CSpaceship::XVisual::QueryInterface");
    METHOD_PROLOGUE(CSpaceship, Visual)
    return pThis->ExternalQueryInterface(&iid, ppvObj);
STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) CSpaceship::XVisual::AddRef()
    METHOD_PROLOGUE(CSpaceship, Visual)
    return pThis->ExternalAddRef();
STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) CSpaceship::XVisual::Release()
    METHOD_PROLOGUE(CSpaceship, Visual)
    return pThis->ExternalRelease();
STDMETHODIMP_(void) CSpaceship::XVisual::Display()
    METHOD_PROLOGUE(CSpaceship, Visual)
    TRACE("m_nPosition = %d\n", pThis->m_nPosition);
    TRACE("m_nColor = %d\n", pThis->m_nColor);

Here you have the class definition.

class CSpaceship : public CCmdTarget
    int m_nColor;
 CSpaceship();           // protected constructor used by dynamic creation

// Attributes

// Operations

// Overrides
 // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
 virtual void OnFinalRelease();

// Implementation
 virtual ~CSpaceship();

 // Generated message map functions
  // NOTE - the ClassWizard will add and remove member functions here.


        STDMETHOD_(void, Display) ();



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