Migrating an mfc application from windows 2000 to Windows 2003

 I am developing a tool in C# for the Project "Migrating an mfc application 
from windows 2000 to Windows 2003" in which if you are giving your 
application developed in windows 2000 as input then it will scan through the 
code in your application and find out the functions which are changed 
(parameter changes or deprecated) for the windows 2003 and list those 
functions. For that I would like to know the list of mfc function's that have 
obsolete and also changed in Windows 2003(but present in Windows 2000). Could 
you please furnish 
Additional URL's for our reference.

Arun Govindan

4/26/2005 1:07:09 AM
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> I am developing a tool in C# for the Project "Migrating an mfc application
> from windows 2000 to Windows 2003" in which if you are giving your
> application developed in windows 2000 as input then it will scan through 
> the
> code in your application and find out the functions which are changed
> (parameter changes or deprecated) for the windows 2003 and list those
> functions. For that I would like to know the list of mfc function's that 
> have
> obsolete and also changed in Windows 2003(but present in Windows 2000).

Note that MFC is a C++ class library and framework - it can't be used with 
A C++ project for the .net platform can either use MFC or the .net Framework 
and the CLR - but the difference between them is fundamental, and much 
deeper than just a few changed or obsolete functions - in fact, the CLR has 
complete new type hierarchy which has nothing to do with the MFC class 
hierarchy. Therefore, porting a C++/MFC project to C#/.net Framework would 
rather mean a complete rewrite than a simple port.

Guido Stercken-Sorrenti
MVP - Visual Developer / Visual C++

mspbn (41)
4/26/2005 7:27:09 AM

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