mfc70d.dll in VS.NET 2003 problem

I have some MFC dll's which were compiled in VS.NET 2002. 
I am at present working in VS.NET 2003. I now need to use 
these dlls but whenever I try to run my app I get the 
following error.

This application has failed to start because MFC70D.DLL. 
Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

I really dont want to spend a whole day re-installing 
VS.NET 2003 !!

Any ideas?? 
wakthar (14)
10/2/2003 11:14:18 AM
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This means that your MFC DLLs where compiled and linked in DEBUG mode and
when you load the DLL it is trying to open the VS.NET 2002 MFC DEBUG DLL.
It's not asking you to reinstall VS.NET 2003, that's a generic message when
a DLL cannot be found.  I would suggest recompiling your MFC DLLs using
VS.NET 2003.

Frank Hickman
NobleSoft, Inc.

fhickman1 (40)
10/3/2003 9:20:45 AM

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