MFC DLL Calling C# Assembly

I have been trying to get a simple mfc dll I wrote to add to numbers
call a C# assembly.  Here is a sample of my C++ code in my cpp file.

extern "C" _declspec(dllexport) int Calc(int no1,int no2)
        //result = no1 + no2;
        return MangedAdder(no1, no2);
#pragma managed

#using <mscorlib.dll>
#using <ControllerLibrary.dll>

int MangedAdder(int a, int b)
	  ControllerLibrary::DLLController *t = new        
	  return t->AddNumbers(a, b);

All I really need is an extern function in a mfc dll that calls a
method in a C# assembly.  I don't even know if I need a managed
function inside my C++ dll to call the C# method.  The code above is
just based upon a sample I found on the internet.  The error I am
getting with the code above is the following:

fatal error C1107: could not find assembly 'ControllerLibrary.dll':
please specify the assembly search path using /AI or by setting the
LIBPATH environment variable

I have put the ControllerLibrary.dll assembly in the directory of my
mfc project.  I put the path to it in the LIBPATH.  I put the path in
using the /AI switch.  I have also given the assembly a strong name
and placed it in the gac.  None of those changes seemed to help.  I
would appreciate anyones suggestions or even better an example of code
that works which calls a C# method from a MFC DLL extern function. 
Thanks for any help.
dreck (1)
10/11/2004 12:48:22 AM
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