MapViewOfFile Error



 SampleTransferType *FileBuffer;
 long FileSize = NumberOfSamples * sizeof(SampleTransferType);

 HANDLE hmem = ::CreateFileMapping((HANDLE) 0xFFFFFFFF, NULL,

FileBuffer = (SampleTransferType*)::MapViewOfFile(hmem, FILE_MAP_WRITE, 0,
0, FileSize);

MapViewOfFile is returning a NULL, and GetLastError() is returning an
"Access Denied" when displayed using the FormatMessage() function.

This error only happens when the FileSize goes over a certain size. Is there
a limit to the size?



Bruce Kingsley

brucek5 (13)
5/23/2004 2:48:23 AM
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One of the most frustrating things about using the Microsoft documentation is that it does
not tell you what errors are likely, or what you might have done to cause them. This is
almost as useful as the infamous "invalid parameter" error.

I see you did not check the hmem handle to see if IT was valid. If it is not valid, this
might give an error when you try to do the mapping.

It would be a good idea to use INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE instead of 0xFFFFFFFF, because this
constant will malfunction on Win64 where handles are 64 bits long.

Otherwise, I don't see anything wrong with this code at first glance.

On Sun, 23 May 2004 02:48:23 GMT, "Bruce Kingsley" <> wrote:

> SampleTransferType *FileBuffer;
> long FileSize = NumberOfSamples * sizeof(SampleTransferType);
> HANDLE hmem = ::CreateFileMapping((HANDLE) 0xFFFFFFFF, NULL,
>FileBuffer = (SampleTransferType*)::MapViewOfFile(hmem, FILE_MAP_WRITE, 0,
>0, FileSize);
>MapViewOfFile is returning a NULL, and GetLastError() is returning an
>"Access Denied" when displayed using the FormatMessage() function.
>This error only happens when the FileSize goes over a certain size. Is there
>a limit to the size?

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
MVP Tips:
newcomer (15973)
5/23/2004 4:05:22 AM

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