MAPI problem


in my application, I'm using MAPI to get some messages in the mailbox.

I'm using MAPIFindNext to browse mails.
On a big mailbox (about 1500 messages) I have no problems with thunderbird, but with Outlook 2003 it's very slow and if I open a new application, I can't work with it because it loose focus when my app loop.

here is a sample that demonstrate it:

	CString cursor;

	while (bOK)
		char	result[513];

			m_LastMAPIError=MAPIFindNext(hSession(), hparent, NULL
				, cursor, MAPI_LONG_MSGID, 0, result);
			if (m_LastMAPIError==SUCCESS_SUCCESS)
				cout << cursor << "\n";
				cout << "End of Messages";
3/31/2006 10:54:34 AM
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