Line control in VC 2003?


Is there anyway to place lines (seperators if you like) on a dialog box 
in VC 2003?. Vb(6?) has a line control that allows one to place lines on 
a form.

I suppose I could mimic a line by using a static text control and 
resizing it so it looked like a line. The only problem is that I do not 
know how to change the background colour of the static text control.

Does anyone know how to change the background/foreground of a 
control/dialog box?


ptremblay (4)
6/20/2005 9:36:45 AM
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>Is there anyway to place lines (seperators if you like) on a dialog box

Use the picture control and size it to a line. If you want a 3D look,
set the Static Edge style.

davidl7375 (2060)
6/20/2005 10:55:10 AM

David Lowndes wrote:

>>Is there anyway to place lines (seperators if you like) on a dialog box
> Use the picture control and size it to a line. If you want a 3D look,
> set the Static Edge style.
> Dave

ptremblay (4)
6/20/2005 12:09:12 PM

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