IHTMLDocument Load problem #2

Let me explain my problem first !

I want to load a HTML file into IHTMLDocument. So I used IPersistFile
and it's methods.
My problem is that it loads only small HTML files. For large HTML files
, it loads it partially. I have called SaveHTMLDocument function (this
is my function which saves HTML document to disk file using
IPersistFile ) to check that is the document loaded entirely. My
friends told me that document loads asnchronously ..thats why you are
facing this problem.
I put one while loop checking ready state of document , but it shows me
"loading" state each time and does not come out of loop
Can you tell me what can I do to solve this problem .

BOOL LoadHTMLDocument ( IHTMLDocument *pDoc , CString szHTMLDocument )


IPersistFile *pFile;
HRESULT hr=pDoc->QueryInterface(
	BSTR bstrFile =szHTMLDocument.AllocSysString();

       // to crosscheck if file is really loaded or not



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2/9/2005 12:58:58 PM
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