How to solve this problem? #2

I write two program,one is that create ODBC-link to access and register
two control:MS ADO Data and MS DataGrid automaticly,another is to display
BOOL CAutoDlg::OnInitDialog()
SQLConfigDataSource(NULL,ODBC_ADD_DSN,"Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)\0",
  "DSN=LeadLink\0 DESCRIPTION=For Lead ODBC Link\0 DBQ=RS485.mdb\0
FIL=Microsoft   \
      Access\0 default=");
CString OcxFileName;
FARPROC lpDllEntryPoint;
hLib = LoadLibrary(OcxFileName);
if (hLib==NULL)
lpDllEntryPoint = GetProcAddress(hLib,"DllRegisterServer");

hLib = LoadLibrary(OcxFileName);
if (hLib==NULL)
lpDllEntryPoint = GetProcAddress(hLib,"DllRegisterServer");
in another program,I use two control:MS ADO Data and MS DataGrid,and
set the control MS ADO Data link to access through ODBC and select records,
set the control MS DataGrid's data resource link to the control MS ADO Data.
I put the five files in the same fold:two the control files,a access file
the two application files.In a PC that its OS is win98 without access,these
program run normally,but in a PC that its OS is win98 without office,when
program is running,it display "Microsoft DataGrid Control:Cannot initialize
bindings",I want how to solve this program?thanks.

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9/28/2004 12:46:52 AM
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