How to set a default value in an Edit control

I am new to VC.  I need to set a default value to an Edit control which is
read-only.   How can I do that in a dialog?   I tried
my_Edit_Control.SetWindowText("mytest") in  it compiles successfully, but it
crashed at run-time.



bytj (9)
6/30/2003 8:52:20 PM
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Tony Hu wrote:

>I am new to VC.  I need to set a default value to an Edit control which is
>read-only.   How can I do that in a dialog?   I tried
>my_Edit_Control.SetWindowText("mytest") in  it compiles successfully, but it
>crashed at run-time.

The read-only property applies only to the user, not the programmer using
SeWindowText. You crashed probably because you made the call from your ctor,
or outside a dialog class member function, before calling DoModal(). In
either case, the CEdit object wasn't hooked up to the HWND. This binding
occurs in your derived dialog class's DoDataExchange override, when it calls
DDX_Control etc. This function (DoDataExchange) is first called by
UpdateData(FALSE), which is called by CDialog::OnInitDialog. So control
variables are safe to use after WM_INITDIALOG has been processed, or your
MyDlg::OnInitDialog override (if any) has called CDialog::OnInitDialog.
Before this time, and after DoModal has returned control to its caller,
control variables are off-limits. However, value variables can be used as
long as the dialog object exists. You can use ClassWizard to bind a CString
to your edit control, set it to _T("mytest") or whatever in your MyOlogy
ctor, and DDX will take care of the rest.

BTW, did you run a debug build? If I'm right, it should have asserted.

Doug Harrison
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++
dsh (2498)
6/30/2003 9:12:30 PM
Doug Harrison [MVP] wrote:

>You can use ClassWizard to bind a CString
>to your edit control, set it to _T("mytest") or whatever in your MyOlogy
>ctor, and DDX will take care of the rest.


See what a spellchecker run amok can do? :)

Doug Harrison
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++
dsh (2498)
6/30/2003 9:17:00 PM

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