How to establish MS Access database connection in Visual C++ 4.0 M

I use Visual C++ 4.0.

How to connect the database connection with Microsoft Access?

Thank you very much.

landon (165)
4/29/2008 12:12:01 PM
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Landon wrote:
> I use Visual C++ 4.0.
> How to connect the database connection with Microsoft Access?
> Thank you very much.


Why are you using Visual C++ 4.0? This must be around 12 years old.

But I would imagine you can use CDataBase and ODBC.

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP
no-reply8010 (1791)
4/29/2008 12:39:41 PM
I think they had CRecordset back then. But I can't remember.

I have a copy of 4.0 at home but I would be afraid to install it. :o)


"Landon" <> wrote in message
>I use Visual C++ 4.0.
> How to connect the database connection with Microsoft Access?
> Thank you very much.

AliR3470 (3235)
4/29/2008 2:43:37 PM
Yeah, what can I say about it, my job related with the old development and my 
company customer still use old system..

Is it difficult to establish the connection? 

Is there any step by step guide available?

Thank you very much..
landon (165)
4/30/2008 5:54:09 AM
Landon wrote:
> Yeah, what can I say about it, my job related with the old development and my 
> company customer still use old system..
> Is it difficult to establish the connection? 
> Is there any step by step guide available?
> Thank you very much..


Well, reading the documentation for CDatabase would be a good start. I seem to 
remember that I learned some of this stuff from Mike Blaszczak's MGC book.

Or maybe look on CodeProject/CodeGuru.

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP
no-reply8010 (1791)
4/30/2008 1:58:35 PM

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