How to eliminate flicker of common controls?

i created several common controls( list-view(report), tab, rebar) with
"Create(...)" methods of them, and everything goes well except that they all
flicker while i resize them. and i think the issue is from the "windows
style" i used, so which "window style" is right selection to figure them
out. or if it is natural effect( there is no window style for that ), then
how to figure them out with any resolvents. very thanks :-)

Frank F.Han

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7/1/2004 1:18:20 AM
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By default, a control fills itself with the background color when it gets a WM_ERASEBKGND message, and then redraws itself when it gets WM_PAINT. The erasing and redrawing causes the flicker.

The solution is to override the WM_ERASEBKGND handler (just return TRUE without calling the base class's method), and the WM_PAINT handler to paint your control.

Keith Rule's double buffer memory DC lets you do flicker-free drawing really easily:


"Frank" wrote:

> i created several common controls( list-view(report), tab, rebar) with
> "Create(...)" methods of them, and everything goes well except that they all
> flicker while i resize them. and i think the issue is from the "windows
> style" i used, so which "window style" is right selection to figure them
> out. or if it is natural effect( there is no window style for that ), then
> how to figure them out with any resolvents. very thanks :-)
> --
> Frank F.Han
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Larry1461 (99)
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