How to create a WS_POPUP window like menu window?

I do not want to use the CMenu or HMENU, and created a WS_POPUP window, make 
it looks like a menu,

but when my menu window activeted, the main app window's title bar become 

You know the system menu can get mouse move msg and the main app window's 
title bar do not became gray,

Is there any hint?

John Smith

12/20/2008 6:51:00 AM
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"John Smith" <> wrote in message 
>I do not want to use the CMenu or HMENU, and created a WS_POPUP window, 
>make it looks like a menu,
> but when my menu window activeted, the main app window's title bar become 
> gray.
> You know the system menu can get mouse move msg and the main app window's 
> title bar do not became gray,
> Is there any hint?

Could you make your menu window WS_CHILD of the mainframe?  Why does it need 
to be WS_POPUP?

If it is WS_POPUP, then it is a top-level window, and only one is active at 
a time, which is why your main window goes gray.  If you don't care about 
your menu having keyboard focus, you can prevent your menu window from 
getting the focus (so your main window retains the focus and doesn't go 
gray).  Do this by handling WM_MOUSEACTIVATE.  Also, when you call 
ShowWindow() to show your menu window, specify SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE.

-- David 

dc2983 (3206)
12/20/2008 3:26:28 PM

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