how to compare project settings VC++ 6.0

Hi all,

I have two MFC projects made with VC++ 6.0. How can I compare their project
settings to see the differences? Is there any trick/tool to make it easier
than just manually reviewing the tiny setting windows?

Thanks for ideas


no1498 (362)
3/24/2006 4:26:01 PM
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"Vaclav" <no@spam.please> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I have two MFC projects made with VC++ 6.0. How can I compare their
> settings to see the differences? Is there any trick/tool to make it easier
> than just manually reviewing the tiny setting windows?

Not that I am aware of. You can open the dsp  in WinDiff or some other tool
which compares files and see differencences there.

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

ajaykalra (6842)
3/24/2006 4:50:02 PM
I would simply copy the content of the command line of C/C++ section, and
the Linker section under the Project Property Pages and compare both lines
to the other project's Command lines. When you find the difference, you can
look up the parameter in the help file and it will tell you all about the
setting, and what it applys to.


"Vaclav" <no@spam.please> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I have two MFC projects made with VC++ 6.0. How can I compare their
> settings to see the differences? Is there any trick/tool to make it easier
> than just manually reviewing the tiny setting windows?
> Thanks for ideas
> Vaclav

AliR3470 (3235)
3/24/2006 4:58:01 PM

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