how do I use MFC data member from a concrete C++ class from a COM interface


I have created a new thread because the subject is somewhat different.

I use a C# webbapplication which call different COM object using the
defined COM interface for each concrete C++ class.
So at the bottom I have a OpenDS method located in the concrete C++ class
This method is also define at the IHandle_DS COM interface.
Here is the sequence for my new design for the new concrete C++ object
1. I create a concrete C++ class from C# like this
    CHande_DS handle_ds = new Handle_DS();
    This works perfect.
2. I call OpenDS like this
   This works also perfect.
3. I pass this concrete C++ object into a method called InitRules2 which is
   defined in the COM interface ISyntaxObj
   This works also perfect.
   You can see below I have listed a piece of InitRules2.
4. I store the passed pointer to IHandle_DS in another class called
    This works also perfect.
5. The first method to be called from InitRules2 is DBInitCommandTemplate
6. If you now look at method DBInitCommandTemplate below you can see that I
    use the local Session of type CSession and local DS of type CDataSource 
in the previous code in several places
    but in the new code I can't use the local Session because of the new
I must say that these two concrete classes CDataSource and CSession is part 
of the MFC framework and not any user defined
You can use MSDN help to lookup CDataSource and CSession.
I must in some way use the CSession object that is stored in the concrete
C++ class CHandle_DS but that is not easy because of the COM interface

The reason for storing this CDataSource and CSession in CHandel_DS is to
keep the database open until I close it at the end of C# So I have 
to drag this
CHandle_DS object from C#  into the
InitRules2 because of keeping the status of my connection to the database.

So can you give me some advice how to modify or create a new interface so I
can access the concrete object Session
in method DBInitCommandTemplate see below.

STDMETHODIMP CSyntaxObj::InitRules2(IHandle_DS* handle_ds, BSTR Provider,
BSTR DataSource, BSTR UserId, BSTR Password, BSTR ProductID, BSTR Revision,
            BSTR ApplicationID, BSTR ApplicationRev, BSTR SubfileID,
   m_pAltObj = new CAlterObj;
   m_pAltObj->m_handle_DS = handle_ds;
   m_pAltObj->DBInitCommandTemplate(some parameter here)))

HRESULT CAlterObj::DBInitCommandTemplate(some parameter here)
//CSession        Session; // old code
//CDataSource DS; // old code
//hr = DS.Open(); // old code
//hr = Session.Open(DS); // old code
   hr = sqlRole.Open(Session);
   hr = LoadProcedureRules(&Session,&dbPropSet,ProductID, Revision, 

    HRESULT hr S_OK;
    hr = DS.Open("OraOLEDB.Oracle","IDTHU1","CCR_DTH_USER","P55534552");
    hr = Session.Open(DS);
    return hr;


12/6/2008 9:00:52 PM
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I am not sure my understanding is correct, so, to be sure: you pass to
IHandle_DS* (COM __interface pointer__) CSyntaxObj::InitRules2. It's
implementation is in ATL. You want to go from IHandle_DS* to "this" of
the corresponding Handle_DS object, so that you can get to it's
CSession and CDataSource. Right?

If that is so, you have a problem of refactoring MFC-only code, to be
used from elsewhere (C# in this case). Second thing is that you also
use ATL, which (personal opinion) is way better than using MFC for COM
work, so thumbs up there :-).

My advice is: don't do it this way. You may be able to come up with a
trick to go from an interface pointer to this (MFC even has a function
like that, CCmdTarget::FromIDispatch or something). But note that any
casting trick only works if:

* you are in-process
* you don't have any marshaling.

Otherwise, you have a proxy to IHandle_DS, and that has no idea of the
implementation Handle_DS, and there is no way to get to "this".

What you should IMO do, is to use "private" interfaces. Here's how:

* find the stuff that you need to get/call/whatever that is in you
* create the interface (IPrivateStuff) to put those in (you can put as
many *.idl-s into your project as you want, but there's no need to go
idl-happy :-) )
* implement IPrivateStuff interface in Handle_DS.
* in your code, QueryInterface for IPrivateStuff from IHandle_DS
pointer and work with it.

Yes, this is a big PITA, but IMO there is no better way.

P.S. "private interfaces" means nothing else but "it's there, but
we're not showing them to anyone".
12/8/2008 10:32:30 AM

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