Hopefully trivial CListCtrl question

I've got a CListCtrl in the report format.

I'm adding my data via an function I got from CodeProject

InsertRow(int nPos, int nNoOfCols, LPCTSTR pText, ...);

Anyway. Once I've inserted my data, say I want to modify a row. How do
I do this?
Or do I just delete the row, and add the modified one back in?

Hamish.Dean (174)
9/30/2006 5:02:15 AM
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hamishd =E5=86=99=E9=81=93=EF=BC=9A

> I've got a CListCtrl in the report format.
> I'm adding my data via an function I got from CodeProject
> (http://www.codeproject.com/listctrl/clistctrl_insertrow.asp)
> InsertRow(int nPos, int nNoOfCols, LPCTSTR pText, ...);
> Anyway. Once I've inserted my data, say I want to modify a row. How do
> I do this?
> Or do I just delete the row, and add the modified one back in?

I think it's inefficient if you delete the row and then insert a new
row. You can use SetItemText to change the text of some item, or use
SetItemData to change the data of some item.

9/30/2006 5:09:58 AM

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