Heap corruption detected at 01670000 While Using CString

The Following is my function:

CString CMem::GetALLData(UINT uStartStep, CString cRequests)
	CString Package = "",sSteps, Buffer = "";
		int PLen = cRequests.GetLength(), Size = 0, Steps;

		if( Valid()  && pMemStatus != NULL && pMediaBuff != NULL && PLen !=
			for( int i = 0; i < PLen * 8; i++)
				// if the request part is not in the list
				if( uStartStep + i > CurrentStep && uStartStep + i < CurrentStep +
					Steps = uStartStep + i - CurrentStep;
					//if( pMemRSTimes[Steps] <= 0)
						//TRACE("^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Times Useout!!!
					if( ( cRequests[ i / 8] & ( 1 << ( 7 - i%8))) > 0 &&
pMemStatus[Steps] == 1/* && pMemRSTimes[Steps] > 0*/)
	//					if( Size > MaxRequestSize)
	//						break;
						pMemRSTimes[Steps] --;
						sSteps.Format( "%10d", uStartStep + i);
						Buffer = CString( pMediaBuff + 1000 * Steps, 1000);
						Package += sSteps;
						Package += Buffer;
						Size ++;
	//		if( Size < MinRequestSize)
	//			Package = "";
	catch(CException* e)
		Package = "";
    return Package;

It stop with the error "Heap corruption" at "Package += Buffer "about
2-3 hours after I start the program.

Any Advice is OK,
thank a lot

5/24/2006 6:34:25 AM
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