Generating HTML

Is there ant way to include the Internet Explorer component in a MFC .exe
project and somehow generate HTML.
Maybe first generate XML and then using XSLT templates to generate HTML. For
any solutions i'de be very thankfull.


misic (56)
6/21/2005 11:05:07 AM
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>>Is there ant way to include the Internet Explorer component in a MFC .exe project

 You can use CHtmlView class to use Internet Explorer in your MFC

>> Maybe first generate XML and then using XSLT templates to generate HTML.

You can use MSXML to create XML document. MSXML has many interfaces
that you could use for creating XML document. In order to apply XSL on
XML use
interface IXMLDOMDocument of MSXML, It has some methods like
1: raw_load - loads XML ( you can load XSL as well)
2: raw_transformNode - this method converts XML document into HTML by
applying stylesheet and returns you a buffer that cotains generated
HTML code.

I think it would be suffice for you.

Ajay Sonawane
Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd,Pune

6/21/2005 12:09:23 PM

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