Font problem with metafile

I have the following code to draw vertical text to a DC.

lf.lfEscapement = 900;
lf.lfOrientation = 900;
CFont font;
CFont* pOldFont = pDC->SelectObject(&font);

it draws correctly on the screen but not to a metafile. 
When I insert the metafile to Word the text is not 
vertical. But on the save machine when I insert it to 
Excel the text is vertical.

What could be the problem. Can anybody help me.

xge (2)
7/31/2003 3:15:22 PM
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xiaoguo ge,

If the metafile looks like expected in Excel, but not in Word, I would
normally say that this seems to be a problem with Word, not your code. On
the other hand, you might want to initialize all of the LOGFONT structure,
if the below if a complete snippet of code.

If you want to get to the bottom of this, surf away to, get
the metafile specification, and go through the generated file, checking that
it looks as expected. This is tedious work to do by hand :-) If the proper
GDI-commands are encoded in the file, you might want to swear and scream to
MS that Word is not treating metafile properly :-)))

Johan Rosengren
Abstrakt Mekanik AB

"xiaoguo ge" <> wrote in message
> I have the following code to draw vertical text to a DC.
> lf.lfEscapement = 900;
> lf.lfOrientation = 900;
> CFont font;
> font.CreateFontIndirect(&lf);
> CFont* pOldFont = pDC->SelectObject(&font);
> pDC->TextOut(...);
> ...
> it draws correctly on the screen but not to a metafile.
> When I insert the metafile to Word the text is not
> vertical. But on the save machine when I insert it to
> Excel the text is vertical.
> What could be the problem. Can anybody help me.

8/2/2003 4:01:00 AM

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