Error calling the function HrESERestoreComplete #2

Hello All,

I am writing an application to backup and restore M.S. Exchange server 
programatically. I am using the Exchange Backup and Restore API and am 
developing the application in VC++ 6.0 on a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 
Edition. I am able to do the backup successfully but I am getting error in 
the Function "HrESERestoreComplete" during the resore. I am trying to call 
the function HrESERestoreComplete as follows:

//<step 8>
CString strTempLocationPath;
CString strTempLocationPath1;
strTempLocationPath = _T("C:\\viraj\\exchangedata_bkp\\temp");
strTempLocationPath1 = _T("C:\\viraj\\exchangedata_bkp\\temp");
WCHAR * wszMNURestoreInstanceSystemPath = 
WCHAR * wszMNURestoreInstanceLogPath = 

typedef HRESULT (ESEBACK_API *HrESERestoreComplete) (IN HCCX 
hccxRestoreContext, IN WCHAR * wszRestoreInstanceSystemPath, 
IN WCHAR * wszRestoreInstanceLogPath, IN WCHAR * wszTargetInstanceName, IN 
unsigned long fFlags);
HrESERestoreComplete fnMNURestoreComplete = NULL;
fnMNURestoreComplete = (HrESERestoreComplete) GetProcAddress 
	hr = (fnMNURestoreComplete) 

if(hr != S_OK)
	LPVOID lpMsgBuf;
	DWORD dw = GetLastError(); 

		(LPTSTR) &lpMsgBuf,0,NULL);

	CString strMessage = _T("");
	strMessage.Format(_T("failed with error %d : %s"),dw,lpMsgBuf); 

//</step 8>

All the inputs seem to be correct.

hr = -939585532
dw = 4294965485 

Expected Output:
hr = S_OK

Can anyone please point the mistake in my code or give me sample code for 
the "HrESERestoreComplete"  Function?

732-248-8300 ext 234

Viraj (14)
8/30/2005 3:01:17 PM
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