encoding wmv file


    I have a sample application developed in MFC dialog 
based project using directx sdk 9. the sample captures 
video from a webcam and saves it to a wmv file

now i have to put that video  into streaming server.
i beleive that i will have to encode the wmv file using 
some codecs to put it  into streaming server. i want to do 
the capturing and encoding simultaneously.
below is a portion of  my code to capture video

// capture video
        pBuilder->RenderStream(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE,  // 
Pin category
&MEDIATYPE_Video,       // Media type
			    pSrcVideo,             // 
Capture filter
			    NULL,                  // 
Compression filter (optional)
			    ppf	                   // 
Multiplexer or renderer filter

if  i specify a compression filter (i don't know how to do 
this)  as the 4th parameter to RenderStream,  will it 
convert the wmv file to a format suited to be put into 
streaming server.
or will i have to use windows encoder sdk 9 to encode the 
wmv file to be put into streaming server


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9/15/2003 1:15:39 PM
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