dynamically created subclassed CComboBox doesnot recieve CBN_SELCHANGE in Activex Control

   Please ignore this post if a similar one appears. I posted yesterday 
and the post has not appeared on the NG yet.

That said, let me explain the problem :
I subclassed the CComboBox and am placing it on a CToolBar derivative. 
Both the combobox and the toolbar are created dynamically. I wish to 
trap the CBN_SELCHANGE message of the combobox and do some action in 
there. But the combobox doesnot seem to recieve the message (more 
precisely, the handler is never called).All this is in a classwizard 
generated MFC based Activex Control.

Here is what I do:
1. In the main COleControl derived control class of the activex, create 
the toolbar dynamically
	//create the chart tool bar
	if (!m_wndMyToolBar.CreateEx(this, TBSTYLE_FLAT,
		TRACE("Failed to create toolbar %d\n",GetLastError());
		return -1;      // fail to create
2. The m_wndMyToolBar is a CToolBar derivative
	class CToolBarEx : public CToolBar {

3. Create the combobox as the child of this toolbar
	BOOL bRet = false;
	bRet = m_wndChartOptionsComboBox.Create(
4. The m_wndChartOptionsComboBox is a CComboBox derivative and looks thus
class CChartPropsCombo : public CComboBox {
5. I add the reflection message to the combobox
    BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CChartPropsCombo, CComboBox)
6. When the selection is changed the OnSelChange function is not called :(

I sifted through the google groups and found a post which said that that 
any messages from the combobox sent to the parent (the toolbar) are not 
reflected but are sent to the toolbar's parent. So I tried with placing 
the message handler in the main COleControl derivative, but no avail.

Can someone please point to what I am doing wrong here.
thank you
gangadhar npk

11/18/2003 3:42:12 AM
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