Display 2D Lines for mathematic application

Hi There,

Does anyone can give me advices to choose a graphical
library/control/ocx/other to developp an application displaying 2d
lines from large data set (around 30 000 points).
I have to developp this app using Visual C++(6 or .NET). These data
are coming
right from an electronic device, and I need to display and print
result as graphs in a short amount of time (less than 8 hours :o) )
Of course, it's a common subject, but I'm not aware of last
improvement about graphical resources, so I'm stumped !!
I'm reading doc about GDI, but it seems to be too slow for this kind
I'm thinking about using library from LabViews or Matlab, but perhaps
it's like using
atomic bomb vs a mosquito :o)

Thanks for any advice
7/22/2004 9:06:35 AM
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Hi Phil,

> It sounds like we are doing the exact same thing.
so please to read from your experience.

> I use a package called ProEssentials by Gigasoft to plot static datasets.  It is a bit confusing to use, but once you figure it out, it is very good and very fast.
> If you are looking for a real-time plotter, I use the Strip Chart OCX 
> from Global Majic.  I don't know if you can print out the results,
> but it is very effective for real-time plotting.

OK. I will investigate these 2 ways ....
If I need help on these component, may I contact you ? (only through
the newsgroup)

Did you try to use GDI or GDI+, or GnuPlot (using then only picture to
display curves on the GUI) ??
I'm still astonished there's is no simple way (built in) to display
some nice curves on a GUI ?! Is there a basic component to do that
under Visual ??


> Hope this helps,
sure it will !!
7/23/2004 2:21:59 PM
Gill wrote:
> I'm still astonished there's is no simple way (built in) to display
> some nice curves on a GUI ?! Is there a basic component to do that
> under Visual ??

If you have an array of points to plot as curves (linear segments) one 
call to pDC->Polyline will plot them.  Multiple non-contiguous segments 
can be plotted with one call to pDC->PolyPolyline.  This part is easy. 
In my experience, it takes a lot more effort to get good-looking labeled 
axes than to plot curves.  :(

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

scottmcp8856 (490)
7/24/2004 12:32:24 AM
In article <f9dc8289.0407220106.37ea64c8@posting.google.com>, 
gourou_gill@yahoo.com says...
> Hi There,
> Does anyone can give me advices to choose a graphical
> library/control/ocx/other to developp an application displaying 2d
> lines from large data set (around 30 000 points).
> I have to developp this app using Visual C++(6 or .NET). These data
> are coming
> right from an electronic device, and I need to display and print
> result as graphs in a short amount of time (less than 8 hours :o) )

For 30 000 points, that's a LONG time.

> Of course, it's a common subject, but I'm not aware of last
> improvement about graphical resources, so I'm stumped !!
> I'm reading doc about GDI, but it seems to be too slow for this kind
> of datasize.

I'd advise testing it before you decide it's too slow -- my guess is 
that on anything short of a truly ancient machine, it'll be _plenty_ 
fast.  On my machine (2.8 GHz P4) displaying a 30000 point Polyline 
takes under a millisecond (in fact, timing to the ms, it consistently 
shows up as 0.000 seconds, so it's probably WELL under 1 ms). In 
reality, of course, my monitor is set for a 75 Hz refresh rate, so it 
takes more than 13 ms to actually display the data. Printers being 
slower than monitors, the disparity will be even greater...


The universe is a figment of its own imagination.
jcoffin1 (194)
7/25/2004 4:02:28 PM

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